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Competitions Guidelines for Evaluators

Competitions Guidelines for Evaluators IndianRaga Competitions are a way for talent across the world to have a quick and easy way to participate in IndianRaga activities, and get showcased on a world stage. In many cases, participants also use it to build their online portfolio and garner visibility and followers on their channel, since the […]

Competitions Tips

IndianRaga Competitions: Tips and Best Practices Guidelines and Best Practices for IndianRaga Monthly Contest Participants Content Applicants in Advanced categories are encouraged to showcase advanced techniques of improvization (Carnatic/Hindustani), or nuances that are expected of an advanced category applicant 3-5 mins is the ideal time limit for entries. We will accept entries that are shorter […]

Competition Results

IndianRaga Competitions 2019: Results


IndianRaga Music and Dance Competition: Rules and Themes

Competitions Registration

IndianRaga Music and Dance Competition: October 2019


IndianRaga Competitions Benefits of IndianRaga Monthly Contests Regularity and Practice : You get a meaningful goal and motivation per month to practice, perfect and present. Say goodbye to procrastination and get regular with your performance! Global Platform : With high-quality participants applying from all over the world, you get to know where you stand in […]

Special Packages

2019 Championship Season Special Packages Choose the package that suits you.  You will receive a notification with your subscription details. Please understand all packages expire by end of 2019. This option is closed for this year!

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