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All Raga Labs Academy students automatically get IndianRaga Certification during their end of term assessment

There is one class every week on the same day at the same time

Have you ever wondered how the age-old rigour of classical music meets the fun of popular songs? Well, that’s Raga Labs. A virtual classroom where students learn the rigour of Classical music combined with popular melodies, with practice tracks that are like karaoke!

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Read our FAQs below. If you still have questions, email info@indianraga.com

We offer three different packages, with varying levels of individual attention, and at different price points. All prices are per 4 weeks:

Silver Package (6 students per class): $50/₹3500
Gold Package (3 students per class): $80/₹5600
Platinum Package (individual class): $160/₹11200

Introducing new Package
Platinum 20-min class (individual class): $50/₹3500

You can use this link to sign up for Raga Labs: https://indianraga.com/ragalabs/registration/. We look forward to seeing you in our classes and are sure you will enjoy it.

What sets Raga Labs apart from the rest of the Carnatic music classes is the fusion element of it. Along with learning the swarams, you will also learn a popular song.

The ideal age to start learning is six years and we have students who are four years old, and they’re thriving in the class. Our teachers explain the concepts very well, so they can be understood by even the youngest of students, and they make the class engaging so the kids don’t get bored. Also, our modules are designed for music lovers of all age groups from kids.

If you have chosen the silver or gold package, we won’t be able to change the date as it is a group class. However, we will provide a recording of the class to you, and you can ask your questions to the teacher later. For Platinum package, we do offer the flexibility of rescheduling the class.

Yes, we have introduced a demo class at a small fee.  You can signup for that at https://indianraga.com/ragalabs/democlass.

You can also take a free glimpse of the Raga Labs class here

Each class is 60 mins long. The class will focus on teaching a combination of concepts from Carnatic classical music that would train and strengthen the student’s voice, and a popular song that will help the student connect the concepts learned in class with how they are applied in general. Raga Labs empowers the child to relate concepts learned in class with the broader cultural environment they live in so that the musical training is relevant to their life.

The teachers are handpicked and vetted personally by senior creative members of IndianRaga. The teachers will be IndianRaga Fellows in most cases, or professional performers who are exclusively invited by IndianRaga to share their insights and wisdom with students. Teachers are also provided training on how to effectively administer training online, keep the student engaged and interested, and focus on identifying their key strengths and weaknesses through a combination of in-person feedback and assignment evaluation. 

Training in basics of Carnatic music teaches a student to identify notes and patterns, and develop a strong sense of musicality. By helping them relate the framework of notes to how a popular song can be learned, we enable them to apply their training in a way that helps them pick up new songs easily and form connections between what they have learned and what they listen to in daily life. 

Raga Labs is not just one class per week, it is a more comprehensive learning ecosystem. There will be one online live class with a teacher to enable the student to get feedback, ask questions, and clarify key concepts. This will be followed by extensive practice modules provided to the student as assignments, where they practice the concepts using professionally produced backing tracks that help them perfect their pitch and rhythm, and submit assignments that are evaluated by our team to provide feedback on their growth. As they grow to higher levels, they will also have access to peer-learning and practice sessions conducted by senior students to supplement the live class and accelerate their growth. 

Remote collaboration is when musicians collaborate without meeting in person physically. Through a combination of Zoom calls, basic audio recording and video shoot using available resources at home, students are encouraged to collaborate effectively to produce high quality musical pieces. The most successful musicians today collaborate remotely, and we believe that especially as we practice social distancing during this time, this critical skill should be taught effectively to students from a young age.