What is the IndianRaga Certification?

The IndianRaga Certification is a pioneering initiative in Indian classical music and dance to create a performance-oriented curriculum for students of music. Our unique pedagogy and curriculum can be taken by students from any school of music or dance, and they will receive detailed, meaningful and inspiring feedback that will take their art to the next level. The syllabus for this certification has been designed by experts in the field, with input from professional performers.

We are happy to announce that we are accepting registration for Carnatic Vocals, Instrumental and Percussion Levels 1-7, Hindustani Vocals, Instrumental and Percussion Levels 1-4, Bharatanatyam Levels 1-7 and Kuchipudi Levels 1-7.

Please note that you need to start at one of the Basic Levels (Levels 1 to 3) and go in sequence to next levels. Participants in the age group 12 and Under will have to start at Level 1.  You  need to register separately for each level and pay the registration fee.

If you are interested in any other category not present in the above list, please write a mail to info@indianraga.com and we will let you know as soon as we launch certification in the category of your interest.

What is the IndianRaga Movie Songs Certification?

Do you want to learn how to deliver winning performances at reality shows, community gatherings and be the rockstar amongst your friends? Then take the IndianRaga Movie Song Certification, designed by experts and successful movie song singers, and get IndianRaga’s unique blend of expertise in both technique as well as presentation skills!

Singing movie songs effectively definitely requires strong technical foundation, but also much more. You must be able to pick the right songs for your voice across fast/slow speeds, romantic/melancholy moods, and work on bringing out the right feel to captivate audiences. In addition, in today’s performance age, you must know how to perform in a recording studio as well as on a stage, and what posture and techniques are required in each.

Sounds like a lot? Its very easy if you start with our Foundation Level and progress across various levels of technique, song selection and performance skills. This is designed especially for those who want to take up professional singing and are looking for well-rounded skill development.

If you need more help or coaching on specific elements in the syllabus, we can put together a custom training package for you with our highly qualified instructors. Our certification process is highly flexible, allowing upto 4 months after registration for you to take the exam from the comfort of your home. So go ahead and sign up today, and get a headstart on your singing career!

We recommend you to start at Foundation Level, but if you wish you can start at Beginner Level too. You can go to higher levels in sequence after successfully clearing the previous level. Participants in the age group 12 and Under will have to start at Foundation Level.

We are happy to announce that we are accepting registrations for Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Songs in Foundation, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Benefits of taking the IndianRaga Certification:

You will have strong clarity and feedback from a national panel of experts on where you stand in your musical journey and what the best next steps for you are.
IndianRaga will offer advanced training opportunities with experts and maestros to high-performing singers in Advanced Level.
You will receive a certificate that helps you showcase your skill to universities, employers, organizers and the media.
IndianRaga will be putting together showcase opportunities for candidates who receive High Distinction in the Advanced level – check out these videos we did recently with our highest-qualified candidates, that went viral!