Certification Process:

The IndianRaga Certification is entirely online. Applicants will be sent a series of questions, and expected to record videos of their responses at home. Details of logistics and video requirements will be shared as appropriate once you are on the course.

The IndianRaga Certification process is designed to evaluate your best performance, which is why you can record and re-record your submissions until you get it absolutely perfect. Once you are ready to take the test, you can send us an email and we will send you the questions. You then have 7 days to record and submit. The best part is, you can choose which video to submit!

INDIANRAGA HONOR CODE: Candidates must not take the help of anyone, including but not limited to teacher, friend or family member, during the 7 days when they are preparing and responding to the questions. They can only request support, if needed, for setting up the camera to record the videos.

Submission Guidelines for Video:

Video Recording

1. You can record the videos with a simple camera or a phone at home. The camera should not be held in the hand, it absolutely must be static – placed either on a stand or kept still by placing on a table or stool.
2. Each response must be recorded as a separate video. The entire response must be done in a single take, else the entry will be disqualified. Absolutely no editing or post production is permitted.
3. For music, the camera must be placed at eye-level so you are looking straight into the camera instead of looking down into it. Please make sure if you are putting thalam (Carnatic) or playing an instrument then your hands and instrument are visible.
4. For dance, the camera must be placed far enough so that the dancer’s whole body is visible and he/she does not go out of the camera’s range while dancing. (Please do not place the camera on the floor, it must be at a height that is roughly half the dancer’s height.)
5. The backdrop/background must always be plain, preferably a light color. If the video has a background that is distracting, we may request the candidate to re-record and re-submit.
6. The video must be well lit and bright. If the video is dark, we may ask the candidate to re-record and re-submit. Natural lighting during the day works best, but you can also use a series of bright lights to light up the performer from the front if needed.
7. Audio must be loud and clear. For music, please make sure that tanpura or any accompaniment does not drown the main performer’s audio

Video Submission

1. All videos must be uploaded on YouTube, and set to ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Public’. If the videos are listed as ‘Private’, then the evaluators will not be able to see them. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that the videos are accessible and the evaluation panel’s time is not wasted, else he/she will have to re-register for the certification by making the payment once again.
2. We can also accept links via dropbox or google drive but the quality of the players associated with them may not give the best results. Also you will have to ensure that the files will remain there till the evaluation is complete.
3. Forms once submitted cannot be modified, please check all fields before you hit Submit. Once you submit, you will receive an email with your submissions as the judges will see them, please make sure to double check and verify all information and notify info@indianraga.com immediately if there is a mistake, or if you do not receive a confirmation email.