Welcome to IndianRaga Singapore!

IndianRaga Singapore hopes to provide talented musicians and dancers in Singapore and South East Asia an avenue nearer to home where they can express their creativity, record high quality productions in Singapore and share it with the rest of the world!

MIT-founded digital arts education startup IndianRaga operates in over 30 global cities to help artists learn, perform and shine. With over 10 Million views in just 2 years on its video library, the IndianRaga Facebook page is one of the most engaged social media platforms for Indian performing arts.

IndianRaga has been recognized by iconic brands like Lincoln Center, Chicago Cultural Center, MIT, NPR, Bank of Tokyo, KPMG etc, and is a member of the International Society for the Performing Arts.

For more information on IndianRaga’s Singapore activities, Email contact@indianraga.sg and/or WhatsApp 88-135-135

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