How to make your submissions for Round 2 work for you

At the time of writing this, the applications for round 2 are currently underway, so.. first off, congratulations on making Round 1, and welcome to the next leg of the race. In case you are reading this wayyy ahead of time to diligently prepare… (future prospective fellows), Im sure, your results will reflect that, so […]

What applicants are looking for about the Fellowship

Interested in joining the IndianRaga Fellowship programme? Wondering where to start, and looking for insight from fellows on the programme? Read on… My name is Santosh Baynes, and I’ve been part of the IndianRaga Fellowship 2016 programme, held at Boston in August 2016. While my experience may be different from those in earlier or subsequent […]

The importance of a click-track

Whether you are working on a piece single-handedly or in collaboration with others, as a musician, you will come across a click track at some point. So, what is a click-track? Its an audio track, with beats at regular intervals, that you can hear as you would when a metronome is played, as well as […]

Inside the Austin DIY Raga Labs!

BY AMBAL BALAKRISHNAN It all starts with an idea. During one of our numerous chats, my sister-in-law Rema said she and I should collaborate and bring DIY RagaLabs to Austin. Rema’s daughter Shakthi was part of Indian Raga Labs twice before, both times in Houston. It was our desire to put Austin on the map […]

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