The awareness to lead a healthy lifestyle is growing amongst the people. The determination to stay physically fit and eat right is definitely on the rise.

In order to be physically fit , one must exercise regularly. To accomplish this people frequent the gyms. One hand it is beneficial in terms of toning a particular muscle or most importantly motivation by seeing others exercise as well. On the other hand, making use of the gym may not actually seem an ideal option. The gym membership fee, the time spent in getting ready and commuting. Most importantly the chances of injury due to usage of heavy equipment. Beyond all this it is us who know our bodies the best more than even our gym instructors. So what can be a pocket friendly, fun and easy way to lead a healthier life?

Indian classical dance practitioners know fully well that this is the most superior form of exercise. Every single muscle in our body right from the top of our head to the tips of our toes is exercised. The abhinaya exercises our facial muscles and all the other movements and postures is the best form of workout for the rest of the body. It is effective because the positions in the art form are invented in such a way that the centre of gravity is balanced and does not provide discomfort while actually performing a particular movement. The initial discomfort will exist since the muscles are getting used to intense activity and unfamiliar movements which is completely normal. There are a lot of people who assume that exercise is supposed to stretch the body and give relief without any pain. They complain about these pains and ultimately revert to their no exercise lifestyle. As the saying goes….

A lot of people don’t learn classical dance forms…what about them? Well… does not necessarily have to be a classical dance form (though without a doubt that is THE BEST form of exercise). One can practice any kind of dance for their workout. Hip hop , break dance , etc.. anything. Still stuck…..? Well formulating your own
“dance routine” can be pretty fun as well! Pick a random song and get grooving! If you want to make it more effective throw in some regular stretches. (Sounds like Zumba doesn’t it?)

Well all this seems interesting but how can one incorporate such a workout in their already hectic schedule?

Morning is the best time to work out. It helps you stay alert and relaxed throughout the day. Pick a convenient time to dance. Start by dancing thrice a week for 20 minutes. Gradually increase to 30 minutes and so on. One can also increase their

frequency of dancing per week. Most importantly do not assume that one must compensate for the calories lost due to dancing by consuming extra food. Warm up and warm down pre and post one’s dance session will help the body be adequately prepped for a good workout and won’t have any repercussions.

What are the physiological benefits of DANCING?
A good dance session helps stimulate the release of happy hormones known as endorphins putting that person in a pleasant mood. As mentioned earlier all muscles are actively involved thereby strengthening them. Dance increases the circulation of blood to all parts of the body. The pumping capacity and efficiency of the heart increases. Apart from this dance also increases our lungs’ capacity to take in oxygen. Due to increased circulation the skin gains a healthy pink glow (PINK IN HEALTH!). It also helps in detoxifying the body. The sweat (a waste product) cools our body (our own inbuilt AC), removes any unwanted salts, very small amounts of ammonia wastes, grime and dust.

TIP: Staying hydrated will only enhance these benefits! Remember to drink loads of water!


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