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Carnatic Music Classes Overview

Carnatic vocal music is a popular genre of classical music that is associated with the Southern regions of India. With IndianRaga a platform for learning the art of classical music and dance, you can learn Carnatic classical music online with renowned Gurus that develop your skills in Carnatic vocals. Our classes at Raga Labs Academy will take you through the entire process of vocal training, from basics to techniques and singing popular songs. You can now attend the online Carnatic music classes at the convenience of your home at a time slot that works best for you.

A demo class is conducted as a basic assessment and guidance for all those who are new to Carnatic vocal lessons. We provide certifications upon completion of each course, with batches ranging from beginners to advanced levels. With no age restrictions to learn and one-on-one mentorships, we train you to bring out the uniqueness in your vocals along with implementing the traditional techniques of Indian Carnatic music.

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Carnatic Music Syllabus

Beginner1 Course
  •  Sarali Swarams
  • Janta Swarams
  • Upper Sthayi Swarams
  • Dhatu Swarams
  • 2 Popular Songs
Beginner2 Course
  • Geetams
  • Swarajathis
  • 2 Popular Songs
Intermediate1 Course
  • Adi Tala Varnams
  • 2 Popular Songs
Intermediate2 Course
  • Basic Kritis
  • 2 Popular Songs
Advanced1 Course
  • Ata Tala Varnams
  • Advanced Kritis
Advanced2 Course
  • Manodharmam
  • Chowka Kala Kritis
Advanced3 Course
  • Padams
  • RTPs/Concert Format

About Carnatic Music

Carnatic Music, also known as Karnatak / Karnatic music is a popular classical genre that roots in South India. It is an authentic traditional technique with a focus on the three important factors of vocals- skill, rhythm, and expressions (raga, tala, and bhava). Carnatic music has a rich history in performing arts with techniques that have remained the same over the years, and it still has a massive influence on Indian arts to date. While most classical genres are accompanied by instruments; there are few to zero instruments accompanied by Carnatic music, and it is oriented towards the vocals. Carnatic Music is an Indian classical genre that musicians learn and perform across the world and with the best online Carnatic music lessons, you can soon become a pro, too.

Why Learn Carnatic Music Online From Raga Labs Academy?

1. Beginner to Advance Levels – Whether you’re starting with the basics of learning Carnatic music online, or you’re looking forward to excelling at your levels and polishing your skills. We offer classes of all levels ranging from beginner to advanced.
2. Classes held by Reputed Musicians and Instructors – Get vocally trained by leading artists and top instructors in the performing arts industry. Start your music journey with us, explore your vocal range, and get closer to becoming a professional at every level.
3. One-on-One Mentorship – Each student is trained with a one-on-one mentorship to work on your personal improvements, have all your questions answered, and enhance your skills.
4. Flexible Timings – With our flexible time slots, you can now learn Indian Carnatic classical music online at home at a time that is convenient for you.
5. Certifications and Placements for Renowned Events and Talent Contests – Certificates of completion are provided at the end of every level. What’s more? We direct you to events and talent contests that give you exposure to the music industry, as you complete the entire syllabus with Raga Labs. With our Carnatic music classes, we help you grow as an artist.

More questions about Carnatic Music Classes?

Can I start the class with no previous knowledge and learning experience?

Yes, Raga Labs has online Carnatic singing classes for levels ranging from Beginners to Advance level. For individuals with no prior experience, we provide a trial class and mentorship for you to briefly understand the basics of Carnatic vocals before starting the beginner’s level.

What is the procedure for applying for the online Carnatic music lessons?

Book a free trial to meet the faculty and discuss your level and aspirations. If you like the experience, tap the enroll icon and fill in your details and sign up to learn Carnatic music online. Our team will contact you for the time slot of your preference and will conduct the online classes shortly after all the procedures are completed.

Is the online Carnatic vocal music class a certified course?

Yes, we provide certification for every level completed. We also give our students who complete the full Carnatic music course exposure to the top talent contests and events.

What can I learn and experience with the course?

Learn the techniques and skills of Carnatic music with insights from the top artists and instructors. Experience learning popular classical songs and performing solo with the class as the audience.

Once I sign up for the course, do I get access to the textbooks?

Yes, we provide a file to download for the textbooks and the entire syllabus when you sign up for online Indian Carnatic classical music classes.

What are the timings of the online classes?

We have flexible time slots for our Carnatic music lessons making it convenient for you to select a time slot that works best.

How do I cover up in case I miss an online class?

We have an option for classes conducted at a self-paced timeline. Fear not if you miss a class because of a busy schedule. Our team will assist you with a cover-up class or will send you a recorded version of the previous class followed by a mentorship, ensuring you are not left behind.