Excited to start your musical journey? Let’s do this!

Carnatic Beginner1 Module1

Sarali Swarams
Janta Swarams
Popular Song It’s A Small World

Carnatic Beginner1 Module2

Upper Sthayi Swarams
Dhatu Swarams
Popular Song Piyu Bole

Watch Sriram Emani, Founder and CEO of IndianRaga, talk about his vision for the self-paced courses – which is delivering a great hybrid online-teacher experience focusing on learning music, the right way. AND the fun way!

Be assured, you are definitely not left alone to navigate the class. Every once a month, we have a teacher session that we recommend that we schedule. This will help the teacher check your progress, check whether your concept understanding is strong and clear any questions you may have. Click on the video to see a sample of the teacher session.

Here’s a glimpse of the very first module of the class. This video will give a sense of how we made the class interesting, without compromising on quality.

Excited to start your musical journey? Let’s do this!