Raga Labs Self-Paced Courses Registration

This is one-time non-refundable  fee for the course and you can access the course for 3 months.

Email info@indianraga.com for any questions.

Read our FAQs below. If you still have questions, email info@indianraga.com

Currently we offer only two courses in this self-paced model.  Each course can be accessed for 3 months from the date of registration.

Carnatic Beginner1 Course $14/₹749
Carnatic Beginner2 Course $29/₹1499

No. We offer Refresher courses, where you will cover the syllabus in just two months (compared to the regular course which takes 6 months).  Currently we offer refresher courses for Carnatic Beginner1 and Beginner2 courses.

Also you can think of taking up self-paced courses for Carnatic Beginner1 Course Module1 and Module2