Bring The IndianRaga Experience To Your City!

IndianRaga today has grown into the largest global platform for Indian performing arts. With over 500,000+ followers on Facebook and 100,000+ subscribers on YouTube, growing rapidly, we provide unparalleled reach and a truly meaningful stage to nurture and showcase talent. Thousands of participants have joined IndianRaga collaborations across 40+ cities globally, and as the demand in key cities accelerates further – we are launching on-ground city partnerships to cater to this rising surge of interest. We are looking to partner with champions for art and culture in a city, who are well networked, and reflect the same spirit of quality and excellence that IndianRaga has come to be known for. City Partnerships work like mini franchises but with a lot more autonomy and stronger opportunity to make revenue!

Why IndianRaga?

IndianRaga has proven itself to be a pioneer in the performing arts space, creating groundbreaking, disruptive innovations while maintaining high standards of excellence and creativity. We work together with our city partners to aggressively test new projects and promotions, and deliver tasteful, enjoyable arts experiences.

Great Systems and Support

From online registration support to feedback from a global panel of creative experts on various projects, IndianRaga provides continued support to city partners across initiatives. Our processes for collaborative projects are designed to ensure efficiency and convenience, with strong post production support provided by our central team. This minimizes reliance on local resources and ensures consistency in output and quality.

Great Visibility and Recall

IndianRaga now releases at least 2 high quality productions every week via social media, and the diversity of the work we produce keeps engagement and word of mouth high about the brand. This is a great conversation point for city partners, and an opportunity to keep up the buzz in an easy way!

A Great Opportunity

IndianRaga projects have strong unit economics and a readily recognized brand that will help you hit the ground running. We are well diversified across performing arts genres and have a strong network of artists and participants from different parts of the world. This is a great opportunity for you to be the face of one of the most loved and admired brands that is preserving and promoting our heritage, and bring it to your city to benefit many artists, teachers and audiences!