IndianRaga Certification Registration

Please fill this form to complete registration for your Certification exam. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the next steps.  Please note that you need to start at one of the Basic Levels (Levels 1 to 3) for Classical Certification and at Beginner Level for Movie Songs Certification.  Participants in the age group 12 and Under will have to start at Level 1 for Classical Certification and at Foundation Level for Movie Songs Certification.  You have to register separately for each genre and level and pay the fee.

The IndianRaga Certification process is designed to evaluate what you feel is your best performance. Hence you get sufficient time to record and re-record your responses and submit what you feel is your best attempt. We suggest that you register immediately and continue your preparation based on the syllabus mentioned on the website. You can also check for the detailed guidelines for Video Recording and Submission.

Upon registration, you will get a confirmation mail. You can appear for exam immediately or can take up to 6-months time to prepare.  When you  are ready to take the exam, please forward the registration confirmation email to asking for the exam link. You will then have 7 days to record and submit the responses. You can feel free to record your responses as many times as you like and pick the best of your responses for submission.  Evaluations will be sent out within 3 weeks of submission.

INDIANRAGA HONOR CODE : Candidates must not take the help of anyone, including but not limited to teacher, friend or family member, during the period when they are preparing and responding to the questions. They can only take help, if needed, for setting up the camera to record the videos.

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