Competitions Guidelines for Evaluators

IndianRaga Competitions are a way for talent across the world to have a quick and easy way to participate in IndianRaga activities, and get showcased on a world stage. In many cases, participants also use it to build their online portfolio and garner visibility and followers on their channel, since the links of winners that are featured direct audiences to their channel.

Evaluators are responsible for making sure that a piece that is tagged as Winner is worthy of showcasing on IndianRaga. Even if we have only one entry in a category in a given month, there is no obligation to make them a ‘Winner’. The selection for featuring on IndianRaga is on an absolute scale in such cases, not relative. Evaluators are responsible for audience comments on the Winner entries, so please only select worthy performances as Winners. Even if the entire piece is fantastic, but a very basic element like say araimandi or proper foot stamping is missing, it can be a Runner Up.

If there are way too many entries, then we can definitely have multiple Winners. However, in a given age category, we would not recommend having more than two Winners.  The applicants classify themselves as Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced and we will treat them as separate categories for evaluation. If there are fantastic entries in senior categories, and very good entries in a Junior category, it is ok to have the best in the Junior category declared Winner if the evaluator feels that they deserve it for their age even though they aren’t able to match up to the Senior category.  Please treat individual and group entries also as separate categories.

Runner Up is given to those whose piece is either not worth showcasing as a Winner but have done a very good job, or who are really good but the number of even better entries is way higher. Runner Up links are not featured on social media by us, but they do get points towards the championship.  Their entries are published on our website in the results section.

Participant is given to those whose basics are poor, and whom we do not wish to encourage – as a matter of principle – so that they get the hint that something very fundamental has to be fixed. We do not wish to start encouraging weak applicants just to encourage participation, so please do be selective in evaluating IndianRaga Competitions.

Every month, the Winner gets 8 points, Runner Up gets 6 points and Participant gets 3 points.  The cumulative points in each category decide the winners at the end of the year and the top 3 winners (who have participated in at least 5 months) will get prizes including discounts on IndianRaga offerings.  This is mainly to encourage young musicians and dancers to get into the habit of regular practice and compete with their peers across the world!

There is a theme every month, and participants are expected to submit the entries based on the theme.  In some categories, like movie songs etc. it may be difficult to follow the theme, so we are slightly lenient about it.  We also want them to practice and record for the competition, but many times, participants submit their recordings as they want to showcase those performances to the world and we are fine with that.  We need to ensure that the produced performances won’t get undue advantage compared to the home recorded ones.

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