video-bg2 Fellow Spotlight: Rucha Muley Jambhekar

Fellow Spotlight: Rucha Muley Jambhekar

Featuring the melodious Rucha Muley Jambhekar!

Rucha is an extremely talented and versatile musician blessed with a powerful voice and an incredible range traversing three octaves. She makes extremely difficult vocal techniques seem effortless. She has been learning Hindustani Classical vocals since she was 7 years old and obtained training in Kirana Gharana gayaki in her formative years. She credits her Guru Arati Tai for showing her a world where each ‘Swara’ has a different color and a different interpretation according to the personality of the Raga.
 Rucha-pic-e1464385132102-413x300 Fellow Spotlight: Rucha Muley Jambhekar

… my confidence to pursue music as a full-time professional can be solely attributed to my Guru and role model Vidushi Arati Ankalikar Tikekar. She has exposed me to new dimensions of music and has given wings to my thoughts and creative process.

Read below about Rucha’sĀ favorite Fellowship productions and why she enjoyed working on them.

Shades of Romance:

“In this piece, I loved the way I could seamlessly blend two very different ‘Rasas’ and temperamental Ragas together. The understanding and command over the Ragas (Rageshree, Malkauns) and ‘Laykaari’ helped us reach the level of effortlessness that is evident in the final output. This was my first collaboration with very talented musicians from different genres and I thoroughly enjoyed this give and take of creative ideas.”

Mi Radhika:

“This performance is a tribute to my Guru, Vidushi Arati Ankalikar Tikekar. This was a project conceived, created, and delivered without any rehearsals and it truly is a great reflection of the brilliant talent and professionalism of everyone involved!”

Lavani Bandish:

“This was a great project; we had a blast working on this. It gave me a chance to showcase my versatility as a singer. Since the toggle between the Lavani and the Bandish was instantaneous, it required the singers to have an in-depth understanding of the distinctly different Gayaki’ styles in order to portray the emotions that this piece demanded.”

Learn more about Rucha and her music on her Facebook Page.

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