VladimirWeinstein_IG2014-0160 5 Qualities of Successful Performers

5 Qualities of Successful Performers

How to differentiate yourself and build a strong fan following by Sriram Emani.

As an upcoming artist, you are constantly competing with nearly everyone who is talented to rise above the crowd. However, talent is not enough in today’s world, one must also be smart about capturing the right kind of attention, leaving a mark, and building a fan following. This process can be long and arduous, but here are 5 ways in which successful performers do this.

1. Are ever-ready to perform

Ever been at a small gathering and asked to perform, and found yourself making excuses or hesitating? Successful performers never do that. They are always ready with a set of options on what they could perform if asked on the spot.

What’s more, they also think about the different choices of pieces for different kinds of audiences. Successful performers find an audience everywhere, and know that their next big fan or patron could be at that friend’s house party, and are waiting to discover them!

 VladimirWeinstein_IG2014-0160 5 Qualities of Successful Performers

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2. Have a demo CD or link ready

Every interaction is an opportunity to build your fan base. Successful performers know this and are always ready with a set of demo CDs, or business cards with performance links or websites that can be handed out to anyone they meet.

Worst case, just share a blank paper and pen around the room and ask interested folks to sign up with their email ID. There’s a database right there, and you can follow up immediately by sending links to your performance. Never miss an opportunity

3. Are engaging story-tellers

Successful performers know how to keep their fans engaged via email, social media, or in a conversation. They do not merely state facts about what they performed or when they started training. Instead, they will hook you with interesting stories or anecdotes related to a piece they performed, or when they were first inspired to start learning their art.

So the next time, make sure you tell a story and make it more interesting and relevant to your audiences!

 VladW_IndianRaga-40571 5 Qualities of Successful Performers

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4. Are consistent and persistent

If you have made a serious effort at building an audience you would know that it doesn’t happen overnight. Your music or performances grow slowly on audiences and need to be presented to them many times before they get hooked.

Successful performers consistently share good quality performances with their fans and show that they are serious about their art. They persistently present their work till a core group of fans is formed, who then start sharing and multiplying the effort!

5. Are always learning and fixing

Like a startup aggressively iterates on its product based on customer feedback, successful performers refine their art and performance continuously. They listen keenly to what their fans or audiences tell them, know how to read between the lines and be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They then retain what is working, and practice relentlessly to fix what is not so that every performance is a better version of the previous one.

Be your own benchmark and never compromise!

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