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We at Raga Labs (An education flagship initiative of IndianRaga) offer a plethora of music courses of which our Carnatic classical music classes are popular. Our well-structured Carnatic vocal lessons offer levels from Beginners to Intermediate and Advanced where students can learn Carnatic music basics and Carnatic music classes nearby within the comforts of their homes. What more? When our students learn Carnatic music online at Raga Labs, they get to learn popular songs and apply the concepts they learn in Carnatic vocal classes. Students who are new to Raga Labs will start with the first course in each of the levels, depending on prior experience with Carnatic music basics. Ready for your first Carnatic lesson?


Beginner1 Course

Sarali Swarams
Janta Swarams
Upper Sthayi Swarams
Dhatu Swarams
2 popular songs

Beginner2 Course



2 popular songs

Intermediate1 Course

Adi Tala Varnams

2 popular songs

Intermediate2 Course

Basic Kritis

2 popular songs

Advanced1 Course

Ata Tala Varnams

Advanced Kritis

Advanced2 Course


Chowka Kala Kritis

Advanced3 Course


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