How to apply?

Do you want to apply to be an IndianRaga Fellow?
It is super easy! Just apply in any genre of your choice, choose Online Dance Fellowship or Online Music Fellowship, and submit a 3-5 minute performance video link.

What are the costs for the in-person fellowship?

Currently we are not launching in-person fellowships!

1. There is a non-refundable application fee.
2. If selected, there is a non-refundable program fee.
3. Fellows have to arrange for their own travel, accommodation and other costs associated with attending Fellowship Week.

What Are The Costs For Online Fellowship

The applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you  will be notified.

1. Application fee $50/₹4000.
2. If selected, there is a program fee ($400) that helps us cover part of the post production costs. Fellows based in India can pay discounted program fee in local currency (₹16,000).
3. Fellows have to arrange for their own audio (for music categories) and video recordings, within specified timelines.  They  need to be equipped with a good mic and a good smart phone for video.
4. Each Fellow can take part in maximum two productions.
5. Solo performances are not allowed.  Music pieces should have minimum 2 vocalists and dance pieces should have minimum 3 dancers.

Group Applications.

We are now accepting applications by Groups, including music bands and dance companies! If you already have strong content and are looking to be featured by IndianRaga to build a following, this is the best option. You can send in a single application with a link to your group’s performance. If selected, you can work with our team to refine your content and produce it at the Fellowship, and get featured by us

1. There is an application fee for Groups ($75/₹6,000).  The Group can consist of max 4-5 members.
2. If selected, there is a program fee ($2000/₹80,000) for the Group that helps us cover part of the production costs. For Online Group Fellowship, the program fee is $1600/₹64,000.
3. Each group can participate in 3 videos.
4. Group Members have to arrange for their own travel, accommodation and other costs associated with attending Fellowship Week.  For online fellowship, they need to take care of audio/video recordings.

Please note: Currently we are not encouraging in person group fellowship for logistical reasons;  all the audio recordings should be done on the same day and all the video shoots should be planned on the same day.  In online group fellowship also, teams will video shoot in person.  The audio and video recordings can happen at their convenience.

 Brindavani-Thillana-dance-pic Application Process

FAQs on the Application Process. If you still have questions, email

Yes, many Fellows apply in multiple categories because you have to be selected as a Fellow for each genre/category that you wish to perform. Just submit an application separately for each category.

Just choose Other and specify what the category is in the form itself. We are constantly looking to add new and diverse categories and genres to the Fellowship, so we welcome all entries. Similarly if the genre is not listed, choose Other and specify the details.

No. Only online applications through our form are accepted

No. It can be a simple home-made video, we are not evaluating your production skills. Please have bright or natural lighting, a static camera in landscape mode that does not move. No editing or adding special effects is allowed. Please do not submit live stage performance videos, it has to be specially shot for IndianRaga Fellowship

The content should reflect your most advanced skills.

All vocal and melodic instrumental entries must have a tanpura/sruthi box/iTanpura in the background for Indian classical, semi-classical and film songs.
Percussionists must send in videos of them ‘accompanying’ someone, not solo. The artists who is being accompanied will not be evaluated.

Dancers can send in videos in practice clothes, it does not have to be full costume
Pre-recorded videos such as arangetrams, professionally produced and edited videos are not allowed. The submission must be recorded specifically for the IndianRaga Fellowship.

Online Fellowship is a new offering from IndianRaga.  Here the selected fellows not only collaborate remotely, they also do their own recordings; both audio and video; and we will take care of the post production.

You  just  need to have a  professional  mic for the audio  recording and a good smart phone for video.

In a Group Application, each Group can have a maximum of 5 members.  If there are more members, there be an additional program fee of $300 per additional participant.