Music is a performance art, and getting detailed feedback from an instructor is the best way to make sure that you have understood the concept well and are ready to go to the next level.

To get feedback from an IndianRaga Instructor, just record your performance with a simple camera or phone, and upload it to YouTube or DropBox. Then copy and paste the link to the video using the instructions in the quiz below.
Some important notes to keep in mind :
1. Do not forget to make the YouTube video Public or Unlisted, else our instructor will not be able to see it
2. You can pick upto 3 note patterns (Sarali Swaras) for feedback. Record them as three separate videos, and upload one each in the quiz questions below. The maximum time limit for each video is 7 mins
3. If you are looking for specific feedback, you can speak for upto 1 min before the video begins to tell the instructor exactly what he or she should focus on
4. Finally, do make sure to use a sruthi box or itanpura when you sing. Please also ensure that the sruthi box or itanpura sound does not dominate your voice
5. Please double check that all links are publicly viewable and the instructions above are followed. If the instructor is unable to view the files in your submission or if the above rules are not followed, we may be unable to complete the evaluation.


Exercises for Feedback

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In each of the three quizzes below, please select one sarali swar of your choice and submit a recording of your performance of the sarali swar in three speeds. The video length should be limited to 7 minutes. You can submit either YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox links. Make sure that your links are publicly viewable [...]