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Inside the Austin DIY Raga Labs!

BY AMBAL BALAKRISHNAN It all starts with an idea. During one of our numerous chats, my sister-in-law Rema said she and I should collaborate and bring DIY RagaLabs to Austin. Rema’s daughter Shakthi was part of Indian Raga Labs twice before, both times in Houston. It was our desire to put Austin on the map […]

Fellow Spotlight: Akshay Anantapadmanabhan

Featuring rockstar percussionist and 2013 IndianRaga Fellow – Akshay Anantapadmanabhan When asked about his goal as a musician, Akshay says, Read below about Akshay’s favorite Fellowship productions and why he enjoyed working on them. Do check out Akshay’s Website, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and Tour information page  to learn more about Akshay and his music!

Fellow Spotlight: Jai Sovani-Garud

We are happy to kick off our Fellow Spotlight series with 2015 IndianRaga Fellow Jai Sovani-Garud. Jai is blessed with a melodious voice and can sing any kind of music ease and confidence. She credits her gurus for helping her develop this ability. When asked about one person who has influenced her music greatly, she […]

5 Qualities of Successful Performers

How to differentiate yourself and build a strong fan following by Sriram Emani. As an upcoming artist you are constantly competing with nearly everyone who is talented to rise above the crowd. However, talent is not enough in today’s world, one must also be smart about capturing the right kind of attention, leaving a mark, and […]

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