Percussion loops for Indian Music using GarageBand

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Percussion loops for Indian Music using GarageBand

Instructor: Sumhith Aradhyula, IndianRaga Fellow 2015.

Course summary: In this course you will learn to use GarageBand to create percussion loops and use them as accompaniment for Indian classical music. Sumhith provides a quick introduction to some western music notation that you will need while using GarageBand. He then walks us through the process of building percussion loops in GarageBand, followed by a detailed look at a sample percussion loop. Finally, he provides a delightful demonstration of a Carnatic flute performance using the sample GarageBand percussion loop for accompaniment. Take this course to add some exciting beats to your music!

Note: It is recommended to have access to GarageBand and to practice building your own percussion loops while watching these instructional videos.


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