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Narayana Ninna is a Kannada composition that emphasizes the value of reciting God’s name. As such, it is a very relevant and enriching composition both to learn and to perform, by young and old. Set to the rakthi ragam Suddha Dhanyasi, it has been beautifully composed by Purandara Dasa in the 16th century and has become immensely popular for its melodious and emotion-filled tune.
Immortalized by stalwarts like MS Subbulakshmi through their soulful renditions, Narayana Ninna is a very popular piece performed in concerts, community gatherings, and household ceremonies across the world. This module is conveniently broken into bite-sized lessons for easy and productive learning, and there is a detailed notation, context and meaning of the song provided. Each lesson has a simple quiz at the end that helps students make sure that they understood the key takeaways.