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Join Raga Labs’ Hindustani Classical Music classes online – and learn the soulful style of singing that originated in Northern India. Hindustani Classical music has been influenced by various elements such as Arab, Persian and Afghan. Learn Hindustani Classical basics in our online Hindustani Classical classes and add a new dimension to this style. Our online Hindustani Classical course music curriculums are designed for beginners to understand and learn the basics of Hindustani classical vocals. Our Intermediate and Advanced Hindustani music lessons are well suited to music enthusiasts and students who wish to learn Hindustani Classical singing within the comfort of their homes and with the luxury of time at their disposal. What more? The students who learn Hindustani music online are also taught to apply its various nuances to contemporary styles of music and Bollywood music. Enroll and learn Hindustani Classical music and singing at Raga Labs today.