Raga Jam Mail Templates

Welcome mail

This is a sample welcome mail we send when we start the Raga Jam. please modify where required. Specially regarding the Creative Lead, please replace all the text marked in BOLD. Feel free to modify anything else also. After all this is supposed to be sent by YOU!

After this mail, once a coordinator is identified, please send the Guidelines to Coordinator document to the Coordinator. Also send the Guidelines to Creative Lead document to the Creative Lead
Dear participants,

Welcome to <Location> Raga Jam! We are delighted to be working with this talented team and excited to create a wonderful musical experience with you all.

At Raga Jam, we believe in providing Collaborative experience for you all and making something different to showcase to the audience worldwide, while enjoying the creation of the piece and its execution. We want to hear from each one of you and see you coming with your creative best. The Raga Jam Selection Panel must feel that each artist’s contribution in the piece is substantial enough that the production cannot happen without him/her – there are no lead singers or lead dancers or lead of anything in a Raga Jam. Please note that we do not see ‘accompaniment’ in the traditional sense even in core classical pieces – instrumentalists and percussionists at IndianRaga and Raga Jam play an equal role as others, and are expected to demonstrate creativity and innovation in how their instrument adds layers and arrangement to the piece.

For each Raga Jam, we talk of two roles; one Coordinator within the team and one Creative Lead provided by Raga Jam team who will guide you and provide creative input where required. Then we have our Creative panel who will review all submissions and approve/disapprove and suggest changes/refinements.

Introducing Vinod Krishnan as your Creative Lead for this Raga Jam. He is a well known Carnatic Vocalist and an IndianRaga Fellow in 2016 and 2017 and also versatile in various genres with many performances to his credit. You can see his performances on IndianRaga facebook page and Youtube channel. He has also conducted many Raga Jams in Minneapolis and Singapore and also worked on various collaborations with IndianRaga. Vinod is copied on this email.

We would like one of you to be the Coordinator for the group and liaise with the Creative Lead and Raga Jam central team and take care of the responsibilities mentioned in the document given here. I am always there to help you guide with any processes related help. Here is a detailed Raga Jam Process document which needs to be followed by all teams.
https://indianraga.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Raga Jam Collaboration Guidelines.pdf

The Coordinator will be filling up the relevant forms with the required information and share with the team when the feedback is received from our Creative panel. We also recommend starting a whatsap group for easy communication among all of you. The Coordinator is typically a senior person or a parent who can take an active role and work with other members. Let us know who would like to take on this role.

At IndianRaga and Raga Jam, all communication will be through emails and all submissions will be through forms mentioned in the document. Please adhere to the guidelines and make it a smooth operation.

Once the sessions are planned, we can get started and move smoothly towards producing a wonderful Raga Jam project!

Please let me know in case you have any questions!

Vinod – Over to you!

Raga Jam Team


Raga Jam Video Release Mail

Please use this template for the release of the Raga Jam video on fb and yt (if we are releasing on both).  Customize it if we are not releasing on facebook.  Please replace parts marked BOLD and add youtube and facebook links


Dear Participants,

<location> Raga Jam Final Video <title> is scheduled for release on Thursday, July 02, 2020, at 6PM IST. We are delighted with how this has come out, and are sure that it will receive great appreciation from a global audience. Congratulations on the hard work and wonderful effort by everyone, and thanks to all parents for your support.

Please find the links below for the release – please note that the links will get activated only at the time of release and won’t be visible now.

Facebook Link:
YouTube Link:
Instagram link: top post at www.instagram.com/raga_labs

We request you all to share the Facebook link on Facebook since it will trend more than any other link shared on Facebook. If you are sending to your networks via Whatsapp, we encourage you to send the YouTube link because its easier to click on it and access instantly.

If a video has to trend on social media, it is critical that maximum people share it within the first 10 mins of release. Beyond that, it still helps to share but it won’t necessarily ‘trend’ and gain a broader audience. We request you all to not only share within 10 mins of the scheduled time, but to also tag as many friends as possible and encourage them to share. This will go a long way in gaining maximum viewership.

Social media today is a personal thing. Posts that are generic, or have no personalized messages, get completely ignored by friends and family. We encourage you to post a personal message either appreciating the artists, or mentioning what you like in particular about this video, or sharing an anecdote related to it, when you post. You will notice that such a post will gain a lot more engagement than simply clicking ‘Share’.

We hope this video gains wide acclaim and appreciation amongst maximum audiences with your support. And we are looking forward to you participating in another Raga Jam soon!

Raga Jam Team