Raga Jam Guidelines for Creative Lead

1. Raga Jam Creative Lead should plan the piece in consultation with the participants (optionally the parents too) and share the views in the whatsap group
2. He must compose or choreograph in advance and send the audio/video to the teams at least a week before the first class so that the team practices and comes to the class with preparation. This is mandatory for all Jams. This composition may not be the final one and may change during the rehearsals, but this much preparation is a must so that the rehearsal days are spent in refining and bringing it all together rather than starting from the first steps.
3. They need to craft a piece that is easy enough to accomplish in that time frame but also challenging enough for the participants.
4. Choreography or composing must be done in a way that each participant gets some individual focus at some point at least. If its dance then formations should change to make sure every participant comes to the front at least once, or there is a screenplay where the videographer knows to focus on each one at some point.
5. Creative Lead should be on time for every class and ensure that each participant feels engaged
6. Focus on presentation skills as well as technique
7. Ensure team goes through the Costumes recommendations for the video recording.
8. All participants are equal, and parents/audience should not get the feel that one is more important than the other. This reflects both in the content as well as the videography
9. Half way through the Raga Jam, ensure to get a draft recording done by the participants and ask Coordinator to send it to IndianRaga for creative approval.  Fill up the form Raga Jam Production Scheduler (link will be sent separately) along with draft audio/video and suggestions for few dates for audio/video recordings. The studios will be booked only after getting the creative panel’s approval.