Learn ‘Muruga Mal Maruga’ Krithi

Learn ‘Muruga Mal Maruga’ Krithi


Looking to learn a rare krithi in ragam Harikambhoji? Look no further! ‘Muruga Mal Maruga’ by Thanjavur Shankar Iyer is a rare and beautiful composition that you can learn in rich detail in this course, and be ready to present a unique piece in your next gathering or concert!



Thanjavur Shankar Iyer’s krithi in Harikamboji ‘Muruga Mal Maruga’ is a beautiful composition that has many rich nuances and unique features. Instructor Sindhu Shashikanth does a stellar job of not only teaching the krithi line by line, but also introducing you to the unique features that make this krithi a rare and beautiful composition.By the end of this course you will not only be able to render the krithi but will also have an in-depth understanding of various rich nuances of Carnatic music that will be helpful in learning and interpreting other compositions.



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