Learn Alternate-Note Patterns (Dhatu Varisai)

Learn Alternate-Note Patterns (Dhatu Varisai)


Wonder how people sing complex songs so easily? The secret is learning and practicing alternate-note patterns that train your voice to jump to any note on demand. Also known as Dhatu Varisai. Check out this invaluable and critical course on Dhatu Varisai by instructor Vinod Krishnan



In this course, Instructor Vinod Krishnan teaches you one of the most powerful Beginner lessons in Carnatic music – Dhatu Varisai or alternate-note patterns. These patterns help train the voice jump notes without losing pitch, and build a solid foundation for learning advanced compositions and in future also for manodharmam (improvization).We strongly recommend all Beginners, and even Intermediate students, to take this course very seriously and practice the techniques suggested by Vinod.



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