IndianRaga Backstage brings professional musicians, who are also role models to younger musicians, to perform foundational pieces of Indian classical music that the audience can sing along with. The performers engage with the audience, and create an informal setting where you can let your heart out and sing along. It is engaging, accessible and non-judgemental for kids and adults alike.

Special thanks to Veena Pandiri, Varun Chitnis, and the entire team at NotesnBeats for organizing this concert and getting the project off to a great start!

Videos from the evening are below:

 virginia-200x300 Virginia Concert

Varnam Mashup


Raravenu by the Audience!

Marugelara O Raghava

Triloka Mata

Kambodhi Improv

Thillana and Mangalam

Geetham Sing-along with audience on stage!