IndianRaga Fellows at San Jose Museum of Art

Excited about IndianRaga’s partnership with the Eye on India Festival 2015 in North America!

IndianRaga Fellows Geeta Shankar, Hrishikesh Chary and Aditya Sriram present a scintillating concert at the Eye On India Festival Chicago – San Jose version, featuring Indian art music from the North, South, East and West of India to a global audience at the San Jose Museum of Art on June 18 2015! The team is excited to present an interactive hour of music, and its lot of fun! This is the first of many IndianRaga Fellow Showcases to come!

Videos will be up soon, but below are a few pictures from the evening!

IndianRaga 11145230_968533373192070_1892453340744650543_n-211x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ1-379x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ2-450x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ3-450x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ4-450x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ5-450x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ6-439x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ7-450x300 San Jose
IndianRaga SJ8-450x300 San Jose

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