IndianRaga Fellows were invited by Joe’s Pub, one of the most respected performance platforms in New York City where Amy Winehouse and Adele made their US headlining concert debuts, to present a full prime time concert by the RagaTone Ensemble. IndianRaga’s RagaTone Ensemble is a raga-jazz band that fuses popular soundtracks from Cinema, Indian Classical and pop culture to create a unique sound guided by improvisation. Audiences love listening to their favorite themes of all time, with spontaneous raga and jazz improvisations by some of the top, dynamic young musicians today. East meets west as mridangam, sarod, saxophone, drums create a new global sound.

Here’s the link of the event on Joe’s Pub website

Below are Videos and a few pictures from the evening!

 RagaTone-2 Joe's Pub

RagaBond – Select Clips

RagaGames – Select Clips

Hamsadhwani – Select Clips

Govardhana Giridhari – Select Clips

Malkauns – Select Clips

 joe4-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe3-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe2-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe1-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe8-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe7-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe9-400x300 Joe's Pub
 joe5-400x300 Joe's Pub