Module 1: Lesson 1 – Western And Indian Music: The Basic Differences

Module 1 - Lesson 1 from IndianRaga on Vimeo.

Welcome to Lesson 1 of the first module of the How to Make Desi Covers course. In this lesson we cover the basic differences between Indian and Western Music.  It covers a brief explanation about notes, scales, harmony and structure

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One response to “Module 1: Lesson 1 – Western And Indian Music: The Basic Differences”

  1. Gowri Somanath says:

    i went through the entire course once. Again i will go in details. I was more interested in seeing a video how to play in GeoShred 1 or 2 Indian ragas say shivaranjini, Ananda bhairavi with some ornamentation. I also found in module 5 the geoshred presets used is not mentioned. Is there any other course for exclusive use of Geoshred for playing carnatic music.

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