Bringing it all Together

All the modules are chained together to discover that the journey so far has been one big konnakol composition! We conclude with a live inspirational video by the guru on…

Final Kovai

A final korvai is taught and discussed in this module. The purpose of this module is to setup the final concluding module and give students time to memorize all the modules…

Groove (Sarvalaghu) Compositions

Grooves are an integral part of any rhythmic form. In this module, the student learns sarvalaghu – or a groove based composition. This is coupled with the reduction strategy learned…

The Korvai

Learn the elements of a special type of composition — the korvai. In this module, the student is taught the structure of a korvai and an example composition of a korvai. Beyond…

‘Mora’ – Composition

‘Mora’ – Composition Learn to recite a special type of structured composition — the mora. In this module, the learner gets to piece together the different   elements learned so far. When…

‘Farans’ – Composition

‘Farans’ – Composition Learn to recite a special type of percussive composition — the farans. This piece extensively uses rolls as the basis for recitation.

Basic Composition

Basic Composition Learn your first basic composition in Adi tala and some exercises along with it.

Introduction To Adi Tala

Introduction To Adi Tala An intro to adi tala, one of the most popular time cycles in Carnatic music. Learn to keep time, and also get introduced to reciting syllables…

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