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Learn Indian Classical Music with Raga Labs

Have you wanted how to learn Indian classical music within the comforts of your home and at your own pace? Raga Labs is the right place for you! Here, the age-old rigor of Indian classical music blends seamlessly with popular songs and trends. Be a part of our online Indian music classes that happen in virtual classrooms! As a student, you’ll be introduced to the latest skills in the industry every month through the Raga Labs Discovery series. When you learn classical music online at Indian Raga, you dabble in Acapella, Jazz, and Geoshred in the many fun sessions we conduct. So, if you’re looking to learn Carnatic Music online, come be a part of our online music institute.

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Raga Jam – Create and Collaborate with Artists

Are you an artist looking to create and collaborate with like-minded artists? Then Raga Jams is where you ought to be! Raga Jam is a music or dance collaboration in a group of 4-6 that you can do with like-minded peers. It is a modular program designed to help you go from concept to full-fledged professional Indian vocal music or dance video. The beauty of Raga Jam is that it is completely modular in nature. Whether you’re reigniting your passions by learning Indian classical music online or are introducing your kids to learning online Indian music for beginners, you can apply for Raga Jam and be a part of a collective and curate art that fuels dreams through our online singing academy!

Raga Fellowship – Represent IndianRaga at Concerts and Workshops

Do you want to get featured by IndianRaga? Join our fellowship program and be a part of our team of fellows who represent IndianRaga at concerts and workshops. The Raga Fellowship is where handpicked artists come together to collaborate and professionally produce videos of the collaborations. These are then released on our flagship IndianRaga channel.

Fellowship is open to all artists across all age groups and genres. There is a program fee to participate in the fellowship that covers the mentorship by our panel and part of the post-production expense.

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IndianRaga has been invited to perform at:
– United Nations General Assembly
– World Government Summit
– Howdy Modi
– Timesgroup Gaana Music Festival
– Lincoln Center
– TEDx
– Chicago Cultural Center

IndianRaga provides online classical music classes for adults and children. We’re geared towards making Indian classical arts available to the current generation. We believe that Indian classical music is timeless and that today’s generation can define how these forms can be relevant in the current landscape. Our online Indian music classes aim to unearth little-known creative talent through structured programs. Through learning Indian classical music and the possibility of collaborating with like-minded artists, we facilitate aspiring artists to explore their talent, while focusing on presentation and performance. So whether you’re interested in learning South Indian classical music lessons or learning Carnatic music lessons online for beginners, we have something that suits you. When you learn Indian vocal music online, we also teach you to focus on high-quality audio and video production for digital channels. IndianRaga’s Indian music singing lesson programs give you a choice of how to participate from anywhere in the world. We offer a holistic approach to music and dance, in both classical and contemporary styles.

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