Why should you join Raga Labs?

Have you ever wondered how the age-old rigour of classical music meets the fun of popular songs? Well, that’s Raga Labs. A virtual classroom where students learn the rigour of Classical music combined with popular melodies, with practice tracks that are like karaoke! That’s not all – all students sing in a Global showcase on our YouTube channel!

Sarali Swarams 1-4

These swarams are the building blocks for anything you’ll sing in the future. The very basics of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma and so on and so forth. The video here is an instruction video, which then has a singing track, followed by a practice karaoke track, for you to sing, and try out the swarams. Go ahead, play the video, and have fun with it!

It's a Small World - Line 1

This has been everyone’s childhood favourite song. See how this song transforms into a beautiful swaram in this video!