• Please list names, genre as well as instrument, if applicable, for each member. Please include your name also
    This will help the producer get an idea of team configuration.
  • Please include here the rough mix that you had sent to our panel for draft submission.
  • Please share the google drive or drop box folder link with all the files required for creating the base track. These may not be final files but have to be perfectly set to a metronome. No other instrument or click track should be heard except for the voice or the instrument. Each file to be named as Vocal/Name of Instrument_Artist Name
  • Please provide a link to a reference track. This is not your piece. This is an existing track by someone else, IndianRaga or external, which has the same mood, dynamics and production elements that you want for your piece. Basically this is a reference for how you want your piece to sound, so the producer will build a track that sounds similar.
  • Please provide a 4-5 line note that details out how you want the track to sound and feel, what mood and emotion you are going for, which segments in the track need special treatment and what that is. Do not put any technical term references, all references should be based on timestamps to indicate sections. The producer will use this to create the track.
  • The BPM of the track
  • Or the Sruthi or Sur but in Western scale
  • This specifies how many beats in each bar. So for Adi Thalam or Teen Taal it'll be 4/4, for thisram it is 3/4, 6/8 is roopaka thalam, 5/8 is kanda chapu and 7/8 is misra chapu.