This heart-warming song about the special bond between Yashoda and Krishna has been immortalized through the rendition of MS Subbulakshmi. Jagadodharana is a melodious and soul-stirring song that any singer should learn and be able to perform for any audience – it is universal in that sense. Instructor Divya Jayanthi has done a spectacular job of teaching this piece literally line by line, sangathi by sangathi in this elaborate yet fun and easy-to-learn course.

Composed by Purandaradasa in Raga Kapi set to Adi Thalam in Kannada language, Jagadodharana is a¬†krithi that is all about the mother that Yashoda is. And, her innocence in taking her son as her son and not seeing beyond it. Who has got that kind of boon? Who has got this kind of ‘bhagya’ (good fortune)? The great lord, the one who is the saver of the world, who has saved the world in all his 10 avatars, is playing with Yashoda. And, Yashoda¬†is playing with him purely as her son.

You can also listen to MS Subbulakshmi’s rendition of this song at this link :

Jagadodharana by MS Subbulakshmi