Harati Gaikonu: Telugu Prayer Song

Wanted to learn how to sing a traditional prayer song during the aarti in a household ceremony? This is a perfect chance for you! Manga Emani has been learning music since she was a child, and through the course of her musical education has learned many subgenres of South Indian music. One of the important genres is bhajans and harathi songs, which are sung in the course of poojas and other forms of prayer. This song, Harati Gaikonu, is one such song that asks Lord Rama to bless the proceedings and briefly narrates episodes of the Ramayana while praising His form and actions. See the full performance of the song to get a feel for it. This course will not only provide line-by-line instructions on learning the tune but also provide insights into the meaning of the song, and how to render it to bring out the essence in the best way possible. By the end of this course you will be able to learn the tune, the meaning of the composition, and be able to present it effectively in get-togethers and events.