This module is meant for beginner students of Hindustani music or anyone who is considering learning Hindustani music. Through detailed examples and selectively picked techniques, the lessons offer a launchpad for your understanding and training in this style of music, and how you can become a better musician through it.

Professional performer and teacher Jai Sovani-Garud gives you a snapshot of how Hindustani music is taught, and how that helps you become a better performer in any genre of your choice. See the lesson ‘Hindustani Music : Learning Methodology and Benefits’ to learn what you can expect as a student of Hindustani music.

In the subsequent lessons, Jai performs as if she were a student growing through various stages of learning Hindustani music. This will help you understand how you can expect to sing as a beginner, intermediate or advanced student if you put in a fairly consistent and dedicated effort. To make it more broadly accessible,  Jai offers two lessons on this module – one with a Hindustani bandish as an example for those who are already familiar with this style of music, and another with a Bollywood song as an example for those who may not be familiar with Hindustani music. Both will help you learn how you can evolve as a musician who can create, improvize and achieve technical mastery over music and performance through learning Hindustani music!

By the end of this module, students will have a good idea of what to expect as a student of Hindustani music, and how it can benefit them in becoming better performers in any genre of their choice. This module is highly recommended for all students, their parents if the student is a child, and for anyone curious about Hindustani music. You do not need any prior knowledge to be able to benefit from this course.