Looking to gain some experience working with startups? Want to help make arts education and performance opportunities available to a wider audience? Then these part-time positions and internships might be perfect for you!

1. Social Media Growth (Part-Time/Internship)
As one of the largest platforms on social media for the classical arts, IndianRaga is constantly looking at growing meaningfully on social media and engaging new global audiences. This position will entail growing our subscriber bases on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms organically through creative messaging and strategic posting. The ideal candidate would demonstrate a strong understanding of and experience in growing social media presence for arts and entertainment companies. The internship position is unpaid, and the part-time position can be a paid one based on relevant experience and demonstrated results. Candidates can be located anywhere in the world. Send us your resume and statement of purpose highlighting past achievements, and including time commitment per week at

2. Content Acquisition and Collaborations (Part Time/Internships)
IndianRaga is looking to partner with leading content creators to collaborate and acquire/co-produce meaningful content to strategically grow our audience base. If you have the right connections and experience, send us a note at

3. Business Development (Part Time/Internships)
We have a host of business development opportunities including launch of Raga Labs, City Chapters in various global cities, amongst others. If you are interested, please send us your resume and statement of purpose at