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Raga Labs is an initiative aimed at popularizing the arts. Our projects include music and dance workshops, competitions and Fellowships. As part of our efforts to raise awareness about the importance of arts, we are happy to launch a high school essay competition. Students are welcome to submit essays on one of the topics listed below. Top three winners will earn cash rewards of $500, $100 and $100 each.

Essay Prompts:

1. Do you think arts education is critical for a complete, well-rounded education? What specific skills do the arts build that are relevant and required in the world we live in today?
2. Imagine if the arts were removed from the education system for 10 years – How would the generation affected by this be different from what we see today?
3. Are the Arts important to STEM? How would you design a system by which arts are integrated into STEM without diluting it or taking up additional resources?

Please submit a 1500-word essay. Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria :
1. Clarity – 25%
2. Originality – 25%
3. Passion and Conviction – 25%
4. Persuasiveness – 25%

Entries due: Sunday October 9th.

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Raga Labs is expanding to international genres! After running multiple successful Raga Labs in the Indian classical music and dance genres, Raga Labs is now accepting applications in international categories.

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