Online, Pre-recorded Indian music Lessons

Want to have access to music lessons anytime anywhere? Try our pre-recorded lessons which you can watch at your own convenience. Indian Raga offers a wide variety of music lessons including, classical, Bollywood and Hindustani music. You can always get live feedback from IndianRaga Fellows through our live music lessons.

New here? This is how it works:

1) Browse categories on left & select
2) Browse courses & select
3) Watch free previews & choose
4) Add to cart & purchase
5) Courses are pre-recorded videos
6) Stream anytime with stable internet

Who and what is this platform for?

1) Students with or without teachers
2) For after-class self-practice
3) For review and feedback
4) To learn new genres or skills
5) To learn in commute or spare time
6) To perform at events & contests

What does the platform offer?

1) Beginner, intermediate, advanced courses
2) Diverse genres incl. Hindustani, Carnatic, Bollywood
3) Bite-sized lessons
4) Line-by-line coaching
5) Quizzes & assignments
6) Option for instructor review

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