Raga Labs Application

We are redesigning the Raga Labs program to make it more exclusive and impactful and to provide a strong platform for the best talent.  We will be announcing shortly. Till that time, we are not accepting any applications

IndianRaga Labs is a creative immersion experience for talented musicians and dancers. In groups of 6-8, participants come together over a weekend to collaborate on a 5-6-min musical/dance composition under the guidance of an IndianRaga Facilitator. They then record the audio and video in a professional studio, to create a high quality, professional video of their performance, which is released on IndianRaga’s YouTube channel. While the final video is a lasting memory of their musical ability, the journey itself is an enriching one to create lasting friendships, working with other musicians/dancers, and understanding complexities of an actual audio recording, video shoot, and the post-production process.