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Please fill out the form below to show your interest to participate in Raga Labs. If there is no Lab currently scheduled in your city, you can still apply and if approved we will contact you when we schedule one in your city. Please make sure to add a performance link that showcases the applicant INDIVIDUALLY and to the best of his/her ability. Once approved, we will contact you regarding fee payment and next steps.

Raga Labs - Interest form

  • Please select the genre for which you are submitting the performance link. If your genre is not listed here, please write a mail to info@indianraga.com
  • In an Intercity Raga Lab students from different cities collaborate on a project under the guidance of a Raga Labs instructor. They also learn some audio and video techniques. No travel necessary. Intercity Lab: $75/month Local Raga Lab: $129/month
  • Please submit a performance link. If you already have a video from a previous performance, that is OK. If not, please record a 4-5 minute piece on a phone/camera and upload it to YouTube, DropBox or Vimeo and submit the link here. Make sure to keep the link public or unlisted so that our evaluation team is able to watch the video.

IndianRaga Labs is a creative immersion experience for talented musicians and dancers. In groups of 6-8, participants come together over a weekend to collaborate on a 5-6-min musical/dance composition under the guidance of an IndianRaga instructor. They then record the audio and video in a professional studio, to create a high quality, professional video of their performance, which is released on IndianRaga’s YouTube channel. While the final video is a lasting memory of their musical ability, the journey itself is an enriching one to create lasting friendships, working with other musicians/dancers, and understanding complexities of an actual audio recording, video shoot, and the post-production process.

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