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  • Learn to sing Alternate-Note Patterns (Dhatu Varisai)

    IndianRaga Screen-Shot-2016-01-31-at-1.35.16-AM Learn to sing Alternate-Note Patterns (Dhatu Varisai)

    Wonder how people sing complex songs so easily? The secret is learning and practicing alternate-note patterns that train your voice to jump to any note on demand. Also known as Dhatu Varisai. Check out this invaluable and critical course on Dhatu Varisai by instructor Vinod Krishnan

  • Improvization for Beginners : Sankarabharanam

    IndianRaga Screen-Shot-2016-02-02-at-1.57.04-PM Improvization for Beginners : Sankarabharanam

    The true joy of music is when you learn to create it on your own! One of the most outstanding features of Carnatic music is how it equips students to improvize or create their own music, melodies and note patterns. IndianRaga is proud to present this one-of-a-kind series in which we make it easy for students to start learning improvization (Manodharmam) and discover the joy of being musically creative.

  • Pitch Essentials and Stylistic Elements for Beginners

    IndianRaga Screen-Shot-2016-01-31-at-1.24.49-AM Pitch Essentials and Stylistic Elements for Beginners

    Carnatic music is more than the notes! It is the stylistic elements like vocal ornamentations (gamakas) and the continuity of the music that characterize and distinguish it. And these have to be incorporated into your singing from the Beginner stage! So check out this module with Vinod Krishnan where he explains with detailed examples, what gamakas are, and how to make your singing continuous instead of staccato (For a Beginner).

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