We are delighted to get so many entries from you.  The competition is closed now.


We will get back to you by end of January 2021 with the results and further details


Thank you  all

Presenting #YouCanMargazhi for all the music and dance lovers out there. Get a chance to work with us and YouTube. Wondering how you can? It’s quite simple:

Who can participate?
Artists who are 13 years and older.

What is the process?
Share your entry for #YouCanMargazhi as a public video on your YouTube channel (if you already have one) or create a channel and upload your video. Videos that are unlisted or private are automatically disqualified.

Why should you participate?
Get a chance to work with the YouTube team, grow your channel on YouTube, and attend advanced mentorship sessions.

Best entries will be featured on the Raga Labs channel. You also get a chance to attend a free Raga Labs class curated on the theme of Margazhi.

Hurry and submit your entry now! There’s no entry fee

On popular demand we have extended the deadline to January, 10, 2021.

1. For the classical music categories electronic or regular tanpura is mandatory, any other basic accompaniment is not mandatory but you can feel free to have it.
2. Try to have a plain background. Please do not have any portraits or pictures of Gods or any other religious symbolism in the videos.
3. The video can be  up to 10 minutes long, preferably based on the theme of Margazhi.
4. You can submit links of previous performances as long as the main applicant is seen/heard clearly.
5. We do not encourage auto tune or pitch correction for singers, and would prefer that dancers submit pieces that are continuous and unedited. Our selection panel reserves the right to disqualify entries that seem to have been tampered with to boost quality through artificial means of any form.

Results will be declared by end of Jan 2021