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Workshop with the Gundecha brothers.


IndianRaga is proud to announce a series of advanced lec-dems cum workshops with the renowned Gundecha Brothers this Saturday, 19 September, in San Jose, California. These sessions are meant to be for a global audience, interested in appreciating the nuance of Dhrupad, while also understanding advanced techniques. Students as well as interested audiences can sign-up!

There will be 4 sessions of 2 hours each (Each on a different subject) : The sessions are meant for ANY AND ALL students and audiences of music – Both Indian and international, both vocals and instrumental/percussion.

Venue: 5369 Laurel Canyon Dr, San Jose 95138 (9am to 1pm, first two sessions)

4717 Mallard Common, Fremont CA 94555 (2pm to 6pm, third and fourth session)

Contact: Sriram Emani,  617.849.3752.

For more information please click here.