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Shape Of You: Carnatic Mix (Feat. Aditya Rao)

In love with the Shape Of You? Then check this out!!

EDM Alarippu : Next-Gen Bharatanatyam

Alarippu is a purely technical dance, taught to hundreds of thousands of students of Indian classical dance globally each year. IndianRaga Fellows

EDM Thillana : Ananda Bhairavi

Tum Tana Dance-Off : Kathak meets Bharatanatyam

Nandi Chol : Bharatanatyam Jathi

Kaa Vaa Vaa: Shades of Varali || IndianRaga Fellows

Sindhubhairavi Thillana: Tom Ta Taara || IndianRaga Fellows

Carnatic A Cappella : Nalinakanthi

EDM Varnam : Carnatic Classical meets EDM

Chetti Mandaram

Vande Mataram Project : 100 musicians from 50 cities sing together!

Power-packed Tabla Solo by Child Prodigy- Vivek Pandya || IndianRaga Extempore Series

Padhaaro Mhaare Des

Malhar Magic : Hindustani Raga with Fusion Arrangement || IndianRaga Fellows

Cheap Thrills : Desi Cover

Work (Rihanna) – Indian Version