What is IndianRaga Spotlight Program?

We are excited to announce the IndianRaga Spotlight Program for Indian musicians and dancers. Performance is a critical part of arts , and we are happy to be able to offer a platform for your talent to be recognized by audiences across the world. The entries will be evaluated on the basis of technique, creativity and other aspects. Selected performance/s will be published on the IndianRaga YouTube channel for the world to see, and we hope you find this to be an exciting opportunity to keep growing and performing!

Participants can send one entry in a particular category. This is only for duet or group performances only.

We recommend participants to upload the videos on Youtube (as unlisted) and submit the Youtube links in the Submission form.


1. 3-5 mins is the ideal time limit for entries. We will accept entries that are shorter or longer too, but please note that the selection panel will evaluate parts of it and is not expected to see the entire performance if it is longer
2.  We reserve the right to publish the video.
3. The video should be of good quality.

Open to dancers and musicians from any genre!
You can apply in any category that you feel comfortable with
You need to have minimum 2 vocalists/dancers in the video


Carnatic Music
Hindustani Music
Semi-classical/folk/devotional/regional music
Movie Songs
Classical Dance
Semi-classical/Folk/Fusion/Bollywood Dance
Digital/Electronic Music