Swagatham Krishna Dance Challenge

Announcing the IndianRaga Dance Challenge to the newly released music Swagatham Krishna!  The music team had an amazing time collaborating this classical piece.

Calling out all dancers to share your creativity with us! Use any dance style and send us a video of your choreography. If you’re one of the coolest ones around we will feature your performance to millions of people worldwide. Videos will be judged based on technical skills, creativity and quality. Dancers of all genres welcome – classical, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap and more!

This is a great opportunity to get your performance shared by IndianRaga – Gives you a solid boost in viewership on your channel! You also join a community of passionate dancers who will be the first to receive notifications for future IndianRaga Dance Challenges.

DEADLINE: All submissions due by Sunday April 26, 2020 11:59 PM IST
Submissions will ONLY be accepted as YouTube video links.

Watch the original Music video at https://youtu.be/qps915jQYlI

Download free audio MP3 of of the music here

Thanks for your participation.  The challenge is closed now!

1. Name the track as: IndianRaga Swagatham Krishna Dance Challenge – your name/your group name
2. In description, please mention: This is my/our entry for the IndianRaga Swagatham Krishna Dance Challenge
3. It can be a solo entry or a duet/group entry – we will evaluate them separately
4. You can submit as One-Take videos or with creative editing – we will evaluate them separately

Evaluation Criteria:
1. Technique
Technique and perfection matter a lot to us at IndianRaga, no matter what the style. Attention to detail, perfect execution of steps, and authenticity of the art form will be valued a lot.
2. Choreography and Performance
Our Trance Mix is quite unique in itself, and we would value choreography that aligns uniquely to it and brings out the music well. The performance must do justice to the choreography and be executed well.
3. Creativity and Expressions
Feel free to get creative and have fun with the track. Creativity could be in choreography, performance, attire, location, theme – anything!
4. Setting and Production Quality
We are not looking for fancy or expensive production at all. However, videos must be pleasant to watch and not be difficult on the eye. So please pick settings that are not distracting from the performer and easily accessible to you. Please do not have shaky videos, do not shoot in portrait mode, and think about how to make the video as engaging as possible.
If you do not have the resources for interesting settings or production aspects, please feel free to submit a simple one-take video. We will compile all such videos and evaluate them separately to give special shout outs to the very best in each.
5. Safety
Please stay safe and don’t step out of your home to shoot this video.  Please follow the lockdown orders stated by the Government.