Reality Show Training

Reality Show Training

Learn what it takes to win!

Reality shows like Indian Idol, The Voice, Super Singer require perfection in both technique and presentation amidst intense competition. That’s why IndianRaga has partnered with experts and winners of major reality shows to teach you how to stand out and present winning performances, combined with our core expertise in technique and pedagogy derived from the classical arts.

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How Does This Work :

Learning packages are flexible, and can be taken as a monthly subscription or a pre-decided set of hours. Packages are designed to teach you 3-6 songs from a variety of genres, suited to your voice and personality. Our experts can help you pick the songs, and coach you on :

  • How to refine the technical nuances of the song and deliver a flawless rendition
  • How to carry yourself and present to a live audience
  • How to pronounce words perfectly, and add modulation and dynamics to get the right emotional impact
  • How to introduce yourself and the song

Sessions happen in groups of 3 online, and participants have the advantage of observing and learning from how others are rehearsing and training. You can also request for individual sessions if you like. Get started right away to prepare for Indian Idol Season 7 Eliminations!

Instructor Profile

With an experience of over a decade in creating  music, performing live & collaborating with musicians in India & round the globe like US, South America, UK, Australia, France & Pakistan, Kuhoo Gupta has also bagged a couple of awards in the independent music scene in India. Apart from Hindi & English, she has sung songs in Indian regional languages like Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit & Punjabi.  Her training in Hindustani classical music, light music techniques & voice culture techniques equip her with the expertise to blend all the principles to come up with a beautiful rendition of an existing song or a fresh composition. Her background in Yoga gives her an edge when she uses age old proven yogic techniques to improve voice quality, texture, range, breath control and other vocal dynamics. Her participation in the prestigious show Zee Saregamapa has given her a deep insight of the realities & challenges singers face in such reality shows. She has been imparting her music knowledge to children & adults for the last few years

Packages Offered:  

Individual and Groups (Maximum 3 in a group)

5-hour Package :
This 5-hour package includes refinement and perfection on 2 songs including technique and presentation. Please note that this does not include instructor teaching the song line by line – the student will learn, and instructor will help perfect it. This does not include song selection, students will pick the song. It is intended to be a trial package that can then be extended into a full package.

Complete Package :
This includes song selection, refinement and perfection of technique, presentation skills and body language, and full preparation of 6 songs in diverse genres.


5-hour Individual: $225 per person
5-hour Group     : $100 per person
Complete Package Individual: $900 per person
Complete Package Group     : $400 per person

Class Timings:

Pl note that the timings may vary with the instructor and can be finalized during/after the free trial.
Classes will be scheduled between 6:30 and 7:30 am EST on weekdays
For people in the US West Coast, the timings can be between 9:30 and 10:30pm PST on weekdays

Free Sessions can be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9pm EST or 9pm PST