Staying mindful is a critical skill in today’s fast paced life and mindfulness is all about being in the present and being aware of yourself. Doing this through music, slow chanting and breathing techniques from pranayama are the best way to help you to start becoming more mindful.

This course is crafted especially for busy professionals and those seeking to work on mindfulness. We have put together the best techniques from pranayama and shloka chanting to help you develop the skill.
You can join the course anytime, you will have a new breathing technique and shloka every week, along with its meaning introduced.

Students who take this course can also go on to develop strong vocal muscles and breath control. You can continue on to learn fundamentals of Indian classical music or you can continue to learn more advanced chanting and breathing techniques.

This is a 16-week course and students can join any time and continue for 16-weeks. We offer a 20 minute class per week. This is a group class with a special fee of USD30/₹2000 per 4-weeks.

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