MS Subbulakshmi songs workshop registration

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When: January-February 2016.

Where: Herndon, Virginia.

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In commemoration of MS Subbulakshmi’s Centenary year, IndianRaga is offering a series of workshops to learn some of MS Amma’s signature renditions. Designed for Beginner and Intermediate level students, the goal of these workshops is to help students learn these pieces so that they can perform them at community events, family gatherings, and competitions. A larger goal is to help them get more acquainted with this legendary performer who took Carnatic music to the global stage and remains an inspiration for all of us.


January 17 : 4-6pm : Maithreem Bhajatha
January 24 : 4-6pm : Srimannarayana
January 31 : 4-6pm : Narayana Ninna
February 7 : 4-6pm : Jagadodharana

Interested students can sign up for one or more of these sessions. There is no age limit for these sessions. Each session will have a maximum of 8-10 participants.


14120 Parke Long Ct, #113,
Chantilly, VA 20151

Online modules

Students will be provided a complete online module in advance of the sessions, so that they can get acquainted with the material in advance, including complete notation and context for the piece. This will aid the in-person learning process and make the session more productive. The flagship piece in these modules, Maithreem Bhajatha, is taught by none other than MS Subbulakshmi’s great grand-daughter S Aishwarya in India. These educational modules here in Virginia will be conducted by a facilitator who will help the students learn the material and be comfortable with it.

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We look forward to welcoming the New Year with you, reminiscing about this eternal legend and learning her music together!